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IPO on Nyse / Euronext of JSA Technology on the 27th of November 2008
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5, rue de Castiglione
75001 Paris (FRANCE)
10, rue des Hibiscus
Moudong Centre - 92122
      Baie Mahault (GAUDELOUPE FWI)
Phone: 00(590) 590 252 370
Fax :    00(590) 590 944 858



JSA Technology brings to you the following advantages :

  • have access to the « solar field » and become energy independent.
  • become clean energy producer.
  • a customized and personalized photovoltaic or thermo-dynamic solar power station.
  • assistance throughout your project : turnkey.
  • benefit from experienced and permanently trained technicians/fitters' service.
  • thanks to worldwide known partners (Schüco), benefit from quality tested and certified TÜV, CSTB equipment.
  • customer service and periodic maintenance.
  • adapted and optimized financing solutions.
  • build an additional income source with 20 years' stability.
  • make a major and decisive ecological action contributing to our Planet's protection through reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and refrigerant fluids.


JSA Technology brings to you the following guarantees:

  • 25 years guarantee on photovoltaic modules.
  • 20 years guarantee on all components.
  • our insurances on civil and 10 year liability.
  • an optimized energy production efficiency rate for your solar power plant.
  • in continental France, benefit from a purchase rate by ERDF guaranteed over 20 years at 30 c€/kWh + a bonus of 25 c€/kWh in cases of building integration (excluding any government rate update).
  • in Corsica and in French overseas departments & territories, benefit from a purchase rate by ERDF guaranteed over 20 years at 40 c€/kWh + a bonus of 15 c€/kWh in cases of building integration (excluding any government rate update).
  • fiscal advantages in the form of tax credit andor access to fiscal reduction oriented products, according to your specific case.
  • benefit from available subsidies, per eligible cases (ADEME, FACE, EDF).
  • VAT reduced to 5,5 %.
  • in French overseas departments & territories and according to your specific case, subsidies and development aides over renewable energies, assistance to overseas investments : up to 35% of the investment in addition to subsidy amount, partial or total exemption of income tax over 10 years, professional tax exemption (over 5 years maximum), sea duties exemption over raw material and equipment goods, non-received and recoverable VAT, 8,5% subsidy over total investment amount.




     Our partners : 
Défiscalisation DOM-TOM      Bureau d'Etudes energies renouvellables               

Guadeloupe – French Overseas Departments & Territories – French Guyana – Reunion


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