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Partner from the very beginning for JSA Technology, GPS Finance benefits from a strong presence in the field of industrial equipment financial engineering and follow up. Thanks to its professional expertise and the rigor of its financial solutions, GPS Finance facilitated financing of tens of photovoltaic solar power stations for JSA Technology customers.

JSA Technology works in close partnership with Schüco, one of the world leaders in conception and supply of cutting edge solar panels and photovoltaic equipment.

Schüco represents 4.500 employees and more than 12.000 partner companies in more than 75 countries.
"Dynamism, motivation and care for perfection carried by the players of our company are the qualities required for a reliable partner, in order to respond quickly and efficiently to the wishes of customers"




Steps required for your turnkey solar energy production system

1/Initial contact
• One of our business associates meets you in order to understand and grasp your needs. He/she will analyze your wish to reduce your energy charge burden.
• According to your specific case, he/she expresses the advantages and possibilities of a solar energy production system at your premises.

2/ Field analysis
• Our team of trained photovoltaic specialized technicians goes in the field .
• They will gather information by auditing your property and roofing (local conditions): inclination, orientation, area at disposal for your solar panels, location for related equipment installation (inverter, electrical meter), grid connection conditions.

3/ In office analysis
• Based on detailed information brought back from the field, we conceive the optimal solar energy production system that you need.
• An in office technical analysis is done to size your grid connected/stand alone solar energy production system.

4/ Financial analysis
• Once our technicians and conceivers have expressed a green light for your project, we go ahead and verify the financial feasibility of the installation. Our financial office will select the best option for the case.
• The analysis will be considering variables like income, statutory incentives related to your geographical location or state incentives. In some French regions, income tax credit opportunities will also be verified should, you be eligible.
• Analysis of international development and aides opportunities are also made.
• Your project is subsequently validated.

5/ Administrative due diligence
• Obtain all town hall authorizations: works declarations and/or construction permit in order to be in compliance with urban regulations
• Your future solar energy production system's existence needs to be filed with DIDEME (Direction de la Demande et des Marchés Energétiques) administration. This notification will provide a legal status to your solar energy production system, thus making of you an official electricity producer through solar energy production systems .
• Notification in order to obtain certificate from the DRIRE (Direction Régionale de l'Industrie, de la Recherche et de l'Environnement) administration. This certificate will be granting you access to the bill of law expressing obligation for the local electricity provider to purchase all your electrical production.
• Preparation and signature of the connection contract, giving you access to the grid and supply it with your solar electric production.
• Preparation and signature of your solar electricity production purchasing contract by the local electricity provider.

6/ Installation & connection works, M&R
• All our installations are done per QUALIPV (Photovoltaic quality) and SHE (Safety, Hygiene and Environment) norms and practices
• Once installation is done, we verify solar electricity production yield of your installation and that all related equipment operates properly
• Connection to the grid.
• We provide periodic M&R services.

Technical offer and know-how
• PV on pitched roofs and industrial buildings (photos)
• PV on the ground (photos installation JTM)
• BIPV : Building Integrated Photovoltaic
• Solar air-conditioning (photos + fiche technique SCHÜCO en téléchargement)
• Quality and resistance of our installation

For its photovoltaic power plants, JSA Technology uses equipments having gone through rigorous and specific tests.

The quality of electric yield on solar panels, their solidity, their resistance to sun exposure in the long term, their adaptability to regions exposed to winds of hurricane type and to earthquakes is subject to official ratifications.

Our skills and warranties
• Certificates (Schüco)
• Technicians' on-going training
• 25 years' warranty
• Certifications : TUV, CSTB, QUALIPV, specificity related to seismic and hurricane exposed regions
• Insurances : Professional Civil Warranty and 10 years' warranty

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Your Project - step by step

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