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5, rue de Castiglione
75001 Paris (FRANCE)
10, rue des Hibiscus
Moudong Centre - 92122
      Baie Mahault (GAUDELOUPE FWI)
Phone: 00(590) 590 252 370
Fax :    00(590) 590 944 858




JSA Technology is the result of the fortunate encounter of three characters, as different as they are complementary.
Different from their respective career paths and fields of expertise, complementary through these differences, colliding at the perfect time.

The business development that followed expresses their spirit of challenge, now shared by the whole team.

Culture and values
Through this encounter was born the sharing of the fundamental values framing the culture of JSA Technology.
JSA values the will to bring to its customers, its partners as well as its co-workers, a qualitative multi-directional Customer Service experience.

This experience is a mix of rigorous behaviour, honest and fair thinking, clear, simple and efficient interaction, in a sound working environment respectful of individuals and characters.

Primary assumptions of which, being the quest of our customers' satisfaction, compliance with all laws and regulations ruling our business fields, quality of our services and the safety of all our interfaces.

Core business & ambitions
JSA Technology supplies and installs in hand photovoltaic solar systems for households, professionals, industrial businesses, agricultural exploitations, and state related administrations in France and abroad.
We facilitate our customers' will to access to electrical power production.
We express regional and worldwide growth ambitions.

Thanks to our partnership with Schüco, one of the world leaders in solar panels and photovoltaic equipment innovation, manufacturing and supply, we select the best parts on the market that present minimum maintenance needs and high building integration capacities.

As a result, we feel confident in providing warranty on a high performance efficiency and disruption free daily life of your solar system.

JSA Technology beholds a strong community awareness culture and has the ambition of becoming a major player over its national and international environment. Furthermore, we intend to become a worldwide contributor and facilitator in the use of renewable energies and associated processes.

JSA Technology handles conception, sales, and field installations of photovoltaic and thermal systems (solar panels power generating systems as well as solar powered Air Conditioning).


     Our partners : 
Défiscalisation DOM-TOM      Bureau d'Etudes energies renouvellables               

Guadeloupe – French Overseas Departments & Territories – French Guyana – Reunion


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